Bespoke Hypnotherapy Recordings

If you would like a consultation, to talk through a hypnotherapy or hypnosis track you would like, please email with what you require. This would be for a hypnotherapy track individualised to what people need if I can help.

Perhaps you would like a specific recording for a gift for someone you know, for an issue to help them relax in a personalised way?

I am happy to discuss your needs for you or for a gift for a friend or family member to make them a personalised track. If you email, I will send you a form with basic details to help you make the track as powerful, as relaxing and as possible.

Having had ten years of practice as a hypnotherapist, Award Winning Dissertation, creative writing and University Masters Degree qualifications, if you want something creative, incorporating subliminal, motivating, inspiring and to experience a powerful inward trance to inspire and change, it would be great to work for you.

Creative Hypnotherapy MP3 and personalised recording – Cost £40 or exchange rate for a twenty to a thirty-minute track.


Bespoke Hypnosis Track