Why does hypnosis benefit those with insomnia? A free example of Sleep Hypnosis track for rest and relaxation.

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Today, I would like to offer this free sleep hypnosis and hypnotherapy track for relaxation and calm. It is a creative journey into sleep and dreams mythological figures to help you drift away for that much needed blissful sleep.

Sleep deprivation is associated with considerable social, financial, and health consequences. These range from impairment of memory, to low mood, to a weakened immune system. Please see a Healthline article for the 11 effects of sleep deprivation.

Increasingly the evidence suggests hypnosis can be beneficial for a range of sleep disorders and this can be managed in a creative and relaxing way, as well as classical forms of relaxation and learning hypnosis. A brief article looks at this area which needs more research but shows much promise as science and health studies return to ancient wisdom. See the article Can Hypnosis Help With Sleep Disorders?

I can tailor sleep hypnosis tracks to a client and enjoy a creative challenge as well as enabling people who are suffering from insomnia or even nightmares, to experience softer dreams and the benefits of rest. If you would like me to work with you online to find your favourite safe place, imagined sanctuary or help you learn self-hypnosis, (this list is not exhaustive), why not consider the benefits of hypnotic word weaving, if you enjoy this track?





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